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iPhone 5 Wishes More Related to Service Providers than Apple

iPhone 5 Desires

On October 4th, 2011 Apple will unveil the new iPhone 5, along with iOS 5 and it’s new iCloud service (which I explained in an earlier post I believe to be the most strategic play in the trio).

A quick look at this info-graphic from the Wall Street Journal though shows us that most of what consumers want in their new iPhone is more applicable to the communications service provider than it is Apple.

Of the 6 items listed that would cause customers to upgrade – two are hardware requests for longer battery life and a better camera while three are in the wheel house of the CSP – unlimited data, no contracts and no-cost wifi tethering.

The final one – unlimited storage in iCloud – is the kicker. As I said in my earlier post this is absolutely a need that a CSP could have filled – and they could have charged for it. They wouldn’t have even been limited to the iOS platform either – allowing Windows Phone 7 and Android customers to participate as well. By doing so they could completely change their relationship with their customers – turning them from antagonists to advocates – and making them far less likely to be willing to switch providers.

If not careful, CSPs will be regulated to being a commodity interconnection service to connect two digital points in space without providing any inherent or additional value or seeing any revenue from what transpires between those points.

Get relevant!

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