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Will HBO Go Be The Straw That Breaks The Camel’s Back? Please?!


Apparently Apple is in negotiations with HBO to provide their HBO Go mobile app which

allows on-demand streaming of their shows to the AppleTV platform without having to pay for the HBO channel from a traditional cable or IPTV provider like Comcast or AT&T.

The service presumably will not be for free and one will have to pay a ‘micro subscription’ using the Apple iTunes store for the service. This would be just fine with me – the start of the ala carte model I’ve been craving for years.

Hey media provider: Quit subsidizing crazy small channels with ridiculous reality-tv programming and let the content stand on its own! If you provide me with quality programming that I’m interested in I’ll buy it! I might even end up spending just as much with you as I already do, as long as I feel I’m getting value for my money.

Someone is going to finally do this and when they do it will be a revelation – I want to be able to buy a subscription to a certain channel perhaps but even more I want the ability to have access to certain individual PROGRAMS that I can watch on demand immediately as soon as they are available in traditional broadcast. This includes sporting events and special events like the Grammy’s.

I want the ability as well to 1) own the content forever and redownload/stream on demand or 2) to have the content cost less but expire after a certain time or 3) be able to subscribe to older content made available in bulk on demand (the Netflix model).

Please let HBO finally give Apple an opportunity to break into this model and provide me with the programming that works best for us as individuals!

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